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DJ Controllers
top 10 dj controllers
for beginners

1. Pioneer DDJ-SR Out of all the versatile DJ controllers, The Pioneer DDJ-SR is the most balanced of them all. It is a 2-channel deck controller that is integrated for Serato DJ. Fully mappable to any DJ software, the Pioneer DDJ-SR is great for newbie and veteran DJs. It is USD powered with a built in audio interface. It has two large jogwheels that are standalone ready for scratching and mixing and 16 rubber pads for FX. It’s extended features like the PAD PLUS give it the extra quick ordinary DJ controllers don’t stand up to. This function transposes all four pads into dual functioning trigger pads for hot cuing, sample rolling, combo fx, rolling, and slicing. This is a great feature because it adds additonal FX options and provides a wider range of creativity options. 2. Numark Mixtrack Pro II The Numark Mixtrack Pro II is a great midi controller for any aspiring DJ. This controller like many other top 10 DJ controllers that has two channels, a 3 band EQ, and... (more)

Words Dance.
Words are our wealth. They dance into the spaces between people. People are very creative with words. What happens when a word is said or written? Words determine how something is batted out in public. The words we use set, bump, and pass meaning to those around us.What does a word do? What does it say? What does it do when it is written? What do other words around a particular word,either spoken or written, do around that particular word?Poets explore this every time in their business and work. Words paint images and meanings in ordinary life as well. They make things fit and materialize. Word SpaceWord MeaningWord ExplanationWord Translation Word ExplorationWord TransitionWord WealthDon't forget to use words wisely. They are very useful tools in our vocabulary andday to day life.

From Ewe to You
Xmas is upon us
After several months of physical therapy, my wrist is much better. Some movements cause pain, but I was told that my knitting and weaving are excellent therapy for my wrist so that is good. Ribs are healed but my knee is still a bit of a problem. Back? Very weak and just doesn't want to "heal" as I call it although it is healed as far as x-rays show. I can live with this if I must as it doesn't affect most of the work I enjoy doing. The ability to get down on my knees and get up again I miss--no gardening, playing on the floor with the grandkids, brushing the dogs, and such, but such is life as one gets older.Getting ready for the holidays. Cards are mailed, gifts wrapped, tree is up and decorated. The husband has a few last minute things to do and the cookies need to be baked. We are having duck and all the trimmings here and the next day we will be at the grandkids house for another celebration.Spin happy and knit without fear!

Hilang kesempatan
Kayaknya kesempatan bersama R2 hilang sudah. Harus gimana ya. Saya udh dikasih pengampunan sama Tuhan. Apa lagi yang bisa saya minta? Itu lebih dari cukup.

stolen joy
Read Matthew 11:2-6. Jesus replied, "Tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised and good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is he who is not offended by Me." Matthew 11:4-5 One of my Dad's worst Christmases was in 1976. On the 21st of December he was on a step-ladder at church, trying to close a window that was stuck open. As he tugged on the window the ladder gave way; he smashed into the wall fracturing his shoulder in three places and cutting a deep gash into his shin. He spent that Christmas in agony sitting day and night in a chair in the living room, waiting for his shoulder to heal. Do circumstances in your life ever steal away the joy of your Christmas? Do they raise doubts in your mind about the Child of Christmas-if He is really God's Son? Do you ever wonder why there is still so much suffering in our lives and in our world if Jesus came to save the world? This... (more)

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